What Happened That The Bride Was Left Shocked When She Saw Her Husband On First Night? Read The Full Story

After all the exhausting wedding rituals, first night is the time for which every couple awaits for. It is one of the most important day in every couple’s life. This day completes the meaning of marriage by bringing them even more closer.


However, what will happen to a newly married girl if she gets to know that the man whom she is married is actually a transgender. Yes, the thought itself is very disturbing. This incident has actually happened to a girl who found out that her husband is actually a transgender.

Recently a newly married girl has filed a complaint against her husband in the Police station. This incidence is reported in a place Jabalpur that is situated in Madhya Pradesh.


A girl whose name is Sadhna Dwivedi has filed a case of fraud against his husband and his family. She reportedly got married to a boy named Abhishek Tiwari. He is a transgender.


Sadhna got married to Abhishek on 9 June 2017. All the rituals were performed happily with everyone’s consent. Every demand of groom’s side was fulfilled by bride’s side.

The wedding has cost them a whopping amount of approx Rs20-22 lakhs. However, without worrying about the money they performed all the rituals in a proper manner.


After the first night, Sadhna got to know about Abhishek’s sexuality. When she confronted her in-laws about the boy’s sexuality they beat her and asked her to remain silent on this issue. Thereafter she called her parents and they came to rescue her from her in-laws.


Now the bride has filed a complaint of fraud against her husband and in-laws. Presently the police are investigating into the matter.