VIDEO: This Girl’s Powerful Poetry and Speech Have Totally SHAMED Our Society!

UnErase Poetry is a community for promoting and producing spoken word poetry through live performances and online content, based in Mumbai, India. On Womens day’ Aranya Johar performed for Unerase poetry in Mumbai. She speaks about the problems a girl faces. She has taken a sarcastic view on Indian society bu hitting out at the patriarchal society. We bow our hats at this girls awesome performance. Aranya , you are a true gem. Girls all over the world have loved her performance. You must watch this video specially if you are a girl.

Check what some people have commented:

Mystery Girl has commented: It’s true, in this video only, the bitter truth is shown and believe me I completely agree with whatever u said. I just came home from school and I experienced the catcalling, everyday coming from school this happens, to me, to my friends. What a generation we live in.!! And, the comment section, don’t even ask, it gave me a migraine, people still have somethings to say and be against this video. But, clearly this video was a good message for all of us. So, thank you, u really did well and it reached to the bottom of my heart. Thank you for this.

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Even American girls have loved this piece of poetry by Aranya. Read what Megan from America has to say : I’ve seen a few comments that if you’re American you have rights and should stop complaining like babies….. It made me want to share my experience.

I’m an American woman who at the age of 5 was continuously raped by my mothers boyfriend. I was told to shut up, that I was lying. The therapist asked me what I did to provoke this man as did everyone else; because ya know at 5 years old maybe my light up shoes twinkled too much for his eyes or maybe my curls dangled too close to my neck??? . I was raped for years. My rapist didn’t go to jail; he merely got a slap on the wrist and later on down the road was accused again by his own daughters.

Fast forward to last year I was sexually harassed by a male coworker. He had been asking me about my vagina and made the most crude uncomfortable comments daily; even grabbing me at one point. When I went to HR I was asked what I was wearing during these encounters. I was asked if I lead him on in the content of our conversations. There were other female coworkers that came forward confessing either they were talked to like this or that they had overheard him talking to someone in this manner. This man still works with me directly. Even after all of this I have to have meetings with only him and myself in a conference room to “better him as an employee” and correct his work. Something I believe my supervisor should be doing all things considered.

I feel unsafe all the time because of what I went through. Of course America has moved forward, but not nearly enough. We learn at an early age that we aren’t equal to our male counterparts. We learn early that to a lot men we are but sexual objects.

Being from this country doesn’t mean my pain isn’t real or that other women in this country haven’t gone through atrocities that have damaged their lives forever. I just feel that it’s unproductive and quite sad as a woman to tell another woman that her pain doesn’t match in comparison to someone else’s pain so to basically hush up and stop being a baby about it. Women world wide should be supporting each other because if we don’t then who will? All this fighting amongst each other and playing who has it worse doesn’t help our cause. It puts us exactly where the world wants us.


Empowering women empower women; just like the beautiful woman in this video. We should all give it a try. Embrace each other’s pain and turn it into something better. Fight for each other. My grandmother was the only one who fought for me when I was young. She had less rights than I did when she was that age and she came from another country, but she fought for me still. She didn’t look at my pain and tell me I shouldn’t complain because her childhood was worse. Honestly if not for her I would’ve taken my own life. It takes one person to be that support system a young girl needs to change everything.

My grandmother passed away a few years ago, but that support continued on through her memory and also through the man I met 10 years ago. Thankfully he came into my life and loves me for the woman I am. He helps me deal with the demons other men have put in my past. He’s helped me heal by being patient, understanding, and kind. I thank god everyday for showing me what a real man looks like.

I know this is long, but I just really want people to think about their words before they spew them out. Pain is pain is pain. Helping each other through that pain regardless of where we’re from or how different that pain is…. that’s the key.

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So, you can understand the power of this poetry by Aranya. May God bless her and we hope every one starts respecting women after watching this performance.

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