7 Things That Differentiates Donald Trump’s Car From Narendra Modi’s Car

Donald Trump and Narendra Modi are the two most powerful leaders of the world. They both share various similarities. Besides facing a lot of resistance, Modi’s party BJP and Trump’s Republican party chose them as their party’s face.

Donald Trumpsource

Narendra Modi’s popular slogan “Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar” was copied by Trump. He modified it to “Abki baar Trump Sarkar”. As they both carry an anti-Muslim image, it becomes mandatory for the security agencies to look after their security.


Cars in which these leaders commute are the major part of the security. They are provided with the best possible car with exceptional security features.

Let’s have a comparative analysis of their respective cars. 

Cars which are used by both the leaders

Initially, Narendra Modi used to commute in Mahinda Scorpion. But later for more security reasons, he was provided  BMW 7 Series 760  LI Security edition.


Whereas Donald Trump commutes in a Cadillac limousine which is popularly called as Beast by the US Secret Service.


Security features

Modi’s BMW has a 8 inch thick armour-plated doors to withstand mines and bombs. It is lighter than Trump’s Beast and can run for several kilometers with flat tyres also. Its self-sealing fuel tank cannot explode in any circumstance.


Beast is also equipped with armor doors to withstand bombs and mines. The beast is designed in a way that it can survive a military style attack. Its tyres are puncture resistant, therefore, the car can run even with the flat tyres. It has hidden guns like tear gas cannons and pump actions which can be used during any attack by the attacker.


The estimated cost of Narendra Modi’s BMW is 5 crores while Donald Trump’s beast is priced 5-10 crores.



Modi’s BMW is equipped with an engine of 5972 cc whereas Trump’s beast has an engine of 8000 cc.


If we consider the speed of both the cars, Narendra Modi’s BMW beats Trump’s Beast. BMW can touch a maximum speed of 210 Kmph while Beast can only run at a top speed of 150 Kmph.


Modi’s BMW beats Trump’s Beast in Mileage also. BMW gives a mileage of 4.57.6 kmpl while Trump’s beast gives a mileage of 3.4 kmpl.


On the parameter of power, Beast beats BMW. It fares better on the parameter of speed. BMW has a power of 544 bhp while The beast is equipped with 800 bhp.