This Is What The Color Mark At The Bottom Of Your Toothpaste Mean

Toothpaste is one of the most integral parts of our daily routine. But do you know what’s the meaning of color marks that are present at the bottom back of your toothpaste? Most of the times they get unnoticed and even if when we notice them we are unaware of its meaning.


Depending on its composition, a toothpaste has four types of color marks at its bottom. It’s important that you know what does all of them mean. Today we will tell you that what does these color marks actually mean. So that next time you go out for grocery shopping, you shop like a smart buyer.

  • Green = Natural products
  • Blue = Natural and medicinal products
  • Red = Natural and chemical components
  • Black = Purely chemical components

Following are the components found in all the kinds of toothpaste


Fluoride is an ion that is very effective at keeping our smiles look beautiful. In most of the toothpaste, its composition is as low as 0.15%.



Abrasives help scrape the plaque off our teeth. However, one matter of concern is that many whitening toothpastes contain a lot of Abrasives which wear down the cementum or enamel of your teeth.


Detergents creates bubbles and makes toothpastes foamy. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is the main detergent used in toothpastes.


Flavors mask bad odor in our mouth and make our mouth feel fresh.

Moisturizers and Humectants


Humectant keeps the toothpaste moist and thus prevent it from drying. Glycerin, sorbitol, and water are the commonly used Humectants.


Preservatives are added to any substance to protect it from spoiling. For that same purpose, they are added to our toothpastes so that no microbes grow in it.



We all have some childhood memory when we used to pick toothpaste of either red or blue color. White colored ones were automatically ruled out as boring one. Colors make toothpaste look attractive.


Every time you brush, you feel that sweet taste on your tongue. That is because of the sweeteners that are added to give a sweet taste.



Thickeners are added to toothpaste to prevent them from being too runny. Carrageenan and Xanthan gum are commonly used thickeners.