Check Out The Video Of This Drunk Girl Abusing Police Officers And Slapping Them

It was Monday midnight in the capital city of Uttarakhand when a drunk girl created a ruckus on the streets of Dehradun. The traffic came to halt when the girl started creating a scene out.

During this, when police personnel came and tried to stop the girl. She started abusing them and even slapped a policeman who was trying to calm her down. Actually, the girl was partying with her friends at some unknown place and was so drunk that she lost her senses, later her friends ditched her and left her on the road all by herself.

People present at the scene tried to calm her, but she was in no mood to calm down. Later, the girl was accompanied by women police and was taken to nearby hospital for medical checkup where it was found that she was influenced under drugs as well as booze. The girl happens to be a student of a renowned college in the city.

When interviewed by media, the girl blamed the policemen with eves teasing.

Here is the video of the girl creating a big scene on the streets of the city.

You can watch the video directly on Youtube by clicking on this link