Chandan Prabhakar Decided To Return On The Show. See How Kapil Reacted

After a nasty feud between Kapil Sharma and his co-stars on his show, Ali Asgar, Karan Grover and Chandan Prabhakar turned their own ways. They did not look back. To assuage Karan, Kapil went even so far as to write a post on Facebook. He apologized publicly to Karan and requested him to return to the show but to no success.

chandan prabhakar

How badly we miss their duo, their amazing chemistry, and Gutthi or Dr. Mashhoor Gulati’s comedy. Those were the good days. Accompanying Karan Grover, were Ali Asgar and Kapil’s old friend, Chandan Prabhakar. The three of them turned away to never look back. But seems like Chandan doesn’t think likewise.

According to some news reports, Kapil Sharma involved in a big fight with his co-actors. He was drunk and they were trying to help him but he in lashed out at them. Kapil Sharma insulted them and hurled abuses on them. After that, the three actors, couldn’t stand a sight of him.

They decided to leave his side on professional terms as well. Amidst the rumors of a new tv show replacing The Kapil Sharma Show was on air, Chandan Prabhakar made his comeback on the show. Everybody was very shocked. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

chandan prabhakar

This is how Chandan aka Chandu chaiwallah reacted when asked about his sudden comeback.

A source told TOI,”Chandan is back on the show for good; Kapil and he have buried the hatchet. A lot has happened in the recent past and we are glad that we have managed to climb up the ratings chart after a brief downfall. Even the negativity associated with the show has started to settle down. Our objective is to make people laugh. We are aware of the new show that will feature Krushna and Ali, and we hope that both the shows do well.”

Chandan was very happy with the way Kapil welcomed him.

”He welcomed me very nicely. The moment I came on set, he offered me tea and said “Chai piyo aur show mein sabko chai pilao”. He was sure that I can’t be angry with him for long.” Chandan continued saying “See every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We are like family; I have spent half of my life with Kapil. If I make it a big issue, saying ‘Mujhe zindagi mein tere saath kaam nahi karna,’ then it’s not right. It’s OK if I reacted then, but I can’t stretch it for life. In a family, two brothers fight but that does not mean that they leave each other forever,” he said.