This Is How You Can Lose Your Belly Fat Overnight Naturally

You bought a dress a few months ago to wear on a special occasion. But what will you do if you see that the dress doesn’t fit you anymore because of your increased belly fat? Yeah, that’s every girl’s worst nightmare.

Belly fat

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Belly fats are something that no one likes. But can a person lose belly fat overnight? Seems like it’s far from reality. But it’s true. There ae various methods one can go for to lose weight. From joining a gym to.going for a liposuction surgery one can opt any method.


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While most of us don’t have time for gym, liposuction surgery are way too expensive. But thankfully there is a way you can lose that belly fat naturally and that too without any side effect. It is a very simple yet effective method. Moreover, it will require absolutely no time to follow it.

Foods that accelerate the process of fat burning is very effective in losing weight. To burn calories, try this simple juice that you can make in 5 minutes.


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You”ll need:

  1. 60 grams Coriander leaves
  2. 1 Lemon
  3. 1 glass water


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Make a paste of coriander leaves and add this paste in a glass of water. Mix them well and squeeze a lemon in the solution.

Drink this mixture for continuously 10 days. Along with it avoid overeating and daily do exercise.


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How does this mixture work?

Coriander leaves aids in digestion and acts as a blood purifier and tonic. Moreover, it boosts immunity of the body also. On the other hand, lemon which contains potassium controls high blood pressure and purifies blood as well. It reduces the effect of dizziness and nausea also.

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To get the best results from this juice, drink it daily in the morning on empty stomach. This is a tried and tested natural way to lose belly fat overnight without any side effect.