Big Blunder By A Pakistani News Anchor On A Live Show

Anchoring is something which has to be done very carefully as just one slip of tongue can ruin one’s reputation. It becomes even more significant when anchoring an online show. That’s the reason anchors, especially news anchors, are trained vigorously before placements.

But committing mistakes is human nature and no one under the sun can stay away from it. Anchors also make some big blunders that have to be covered up or rectified instantly. Sometimes such bloopers put anchors in an embarrassing situation.

And the embarrassment intensifies when the word spoken is obnoxious. Here’s a video by a Pakistani anchor in which she blurts out a word that’s not acceptable on a TV show. And she immediately realized that she has done a big mistake which will surely be noted by the viewers. Then she tries to make it up through her gestures.

As it was a live show, all she did was not just captured. But also was televised in real time.

Watch the video-

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