Baahubali Movie Is Showing Negative Impact On Kids!

baahubali impact on kids

Baahubali movie has surely been a big blockbuster and that has lead a lot of people to let their kids watch the movie to show an epic Indian hero. But that hero does not give us the correct message of heroism to be honest.

There have been incidents of kids jumping off their building terrace in the same way Baahubali did.

Not to blame Baahubali but the kids are the ones who mistook the movie scenes. Reports say, a kid in Hyderabad jumped from the 6th floor of their apartment in order to catch a ridge on the 5th floor opposite to their balcony.

The Kid somehow survived with some minor injuries and has later revealed that he was inspired from Baahubali scene where Prabhas jumps from a mountain cliff.

Yet another incident was recorded as a kid was caught before jumping from his school building. He had the same reason of the Baahubali being an inspiration for him.

He didn’t settle down unless his father showed him the making scenes of the Baahubali jumping stunts.

The parents should be more cautious about the effect a movie can result in giving the child some insane ideas and beliefs. They should be taught that the movies have to be merely for entertainment and the things to be learned and just ignored have to be divided.