Baahubali 2 Has Taken The Box Office By Storm But Did You Notice These 5 Serious Mistakes

The much awaited Baahubali 2: The conclusion has finally hit the cinemas. The movie was released on 28 April, 2017. it’s been just one day since the release of the movie. But in that one day only it has taken the box office by storm.

The first day collection of the movie is out. Directed by SS Rajamouli, the movie has become the first Indian movie which has earned 100 crores on its first day of release only. Yes, it earned a whopping amount of Rs 115 crores yesterday. People are going in large number to watch the iconic.

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Some of you might have already watched it and loved it. But did you notice that its intense trailer had some very silly mistakes that weren’t expected from the filmmaker? We know you didn’t. So we have compiled them here. Have a look at these silly mistakes in the intense trailer of the film.

Mistake 1:

Baahubali 2

In this scene, Anushka Shetty tears the cloth in 2 pieces with her sword. But in the very next scene cloth gets teared in numerous small pieces. How?

Mistake 2: m,km

Anushka didn’t even pick her sword. Her sword is touching the ground. But before she lifts it up and hits these men, the man in the left has jumped in before.

Mistake 3:



Her sword didn’t even touch the 2 men in the right. They are actually at a good distance. But we wonder how she managed to attack all 4 men in one single go and that too without her sword touching all of them.

Mistake 4:


This is one of the most popular scenes of the trailer where Katappa kills Bahuballi. So far so good. Right? Now look at the another pic.


Now see the stone where he is sitting. In the first pic there was no stone. So from where the stone came from?

Mistake 5:


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The two warriors are fighting with each other. We fail to understand why he if is coming to attack them.