Do You Know How Ancient Queens Used To Attract Kings?

Ancient time is something that is still mysterious to us. No one knows what actually happened in those times. Nobody can say how kings and queens used to live. We can only depend on mythology for clearing those facts.

Our elders often tell us about the lifestyle of the ancient queens. Like, how extremely beautiful they used to look and how delightful and conditioned their bodies were. They took care of their looks more than anything and that was the reason why they looked so young even after reaching their 40s.

ancient queens

Now you all must be thinking about how the pulchritudinous queens mastered this art. Since these days stress and strain have caused us to look more aged than we actually are, it is important for to know the trick behind. Thank God Vedics have the answer for your doubts!

Follow these simple tricks to get the everlasting beauty like ancient queens:-

1. Rose water bath

The queens used to pour rose petals in their bath water. Rose petals helped them in getting the natural glow on their skin. It makes the skin soft like a velvet which also made the kings go crazy.

ancient queens

2. Honey and Olive oil

Honey and Olive oil paste was used the most by queens in order to get long and silky locks.

ancient queens

3. Beer face pack

In ancient times, queens used to mix milk powder, egg white, and lemon juice in Madeira (beer) to make a face pack out of it. It removed the harshness and dead skin from the face, thus making it soft and supple.

ancient queens

4. Walnuts

Walnuts are known to stop aging. Eating both walnuts and carrots every day is good for physical organs especially if you want to have a healthy and curvaceous body.

ancient queens

5. Avocado Mask

Avocados are helpful in removing scars and blemishes from the face, and queens were well aware of it. They used to eat it once in a day. It also helped them in getting a curvaceous figure to lure the king.

ancient queens

6. Donkey’s milk

A donkey milk bath along with olive oil and honey is helpful for the process of anti-aging. It is used to diminish aging.

ancient queens

7. Rose perfume

Rose perfume is known to remove the dryness from the skin. It also smelled heavenly which lured the kings towards their queens.

ancient queens

Are you going to follow these hacks?