7 Scary And Strange Facts That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Many times we human beings face in reality very unusual, scary, and creepy things around us. Reality sometimes becomes scarier than fiction. After all, fiction isn’t real. You can see a horror movie late at night but will forget about it after few years. But once you face some unusual and creepy happening in your real life, you won’t be able to forget it for your lifetime. Here are 7 scary facts that will send chills down your spine.

Child sacrifices


In Uganda, witch doctors kidnap children and use them to sacrifice. Children even carried out protests against these witch doctors.

Filming of “The Exorcist”

Horror film “The Exorcist was seen as cursed. During the shooting the set burned down, many actors got injured, and the actor Jack MacGowran died of Influenza.

Bleeding walls


A Missouri couple Susan and Brian Trost brought a house. They soon discovered that Brown spiders were bleeding out of their house’s walls. Later the couple sued the seller of the house.

 People dying in their sleep


There was a mysterious death story in 1980’s. Around 100 people died in their sleep. Neither Doctors nor their families couldn’t explain the reason of their death. It was said that there was an unusual creature that killed people in their sleep.

Imaginary monsters


Psychologists found out after research that when people stare at themselves into their mirror, their brain creates an imaginary monster. It is an optical illusion known as “Troxler Effect”.

Serial killer’s apartment


In St Louis a woman after watching a documentary of a serial killer realized that she lives in the same apartment of the serial killer. The serial killer; Maury Travis used the house as a secret torture chamber for women.

The banned trailer


While the making of the movie “The Exorcist” was full of horrendous experiences, its trailer was also no less than a nightmare. When its trailer was played the theatres, many people began vomiting. Some people even ran out of theatres.