7 Bollywood Actors Who Started Out As Junior Artists

Here are 7 Bollywood actors who were once junior artists. And  some of them belongs to a very middle class family.

1. Shahid Kapoor



The first time we got to see him- if anyone bothered to notice the dancers in the background was in Subhash Ghai’s ‘Taal,’ more precisely in the song ‘Kahi Aag Lag Jaye.’

2. Karan Johar


Karan Johar wasn’t too pleased with the negligible attention he received for the small role he played in DDLJ.

3. Irrfan Khan


Irrfan Khan didn’t look anything like his present-day confident on-screen persona when he appeared in a small role over decade back in Meera Nair’s Oscar nominated Salaam Bombay. But that was the beginning of an ongoing journey for one of the most recognised Indian faces in the global film circuit.

4. Rajpal Yadav


10 seconds. That’s all the screen-time that this talented comedian got when he made his first appearance on the big screen in Ram Gopal Varma’s Shool. Hardly time enough to display his full acting prowess. Thankfully though, that didn’t prevent him from landing significant roles in such films as Jungle, Hungama and Phir Hera Pheri among others.

5. Nawazuddin Siddiqui


The mountain man had quite a steep climb traversing  petty roles before he became the reputed actor that he is today. Starting with the Aamir Khan starrer, Sarfarosh in which he played the role of a small-time criminal, Siddiqui has appeared in quite a few ‘background roles’ though we were busy watching the better-known actors on screen.

6. Mithun Chakraborty


Mithun Chakraborty was just a face that appeared for a little while in his first film- the Amitabh Bachchan starrer, Do Anjaane.