17 Controversies Of Bigg Boss That Kept The TRPs Rocking

Bigg Boss Season 1

1. Cat-fights between Rakhi Sawant and Kashmira Shah

Bigg Boss 1 season saw India’s well known controversial queen Rakhi Sawant clashing with Kashmira Shah under one roof. Kashmeera entered with a plan in mind and soon turned everyone against Rakhi Sawant.

The two started off this show on a good note but soon became foes as the show progressed.


2. The Return of Rakhi Sawant

After being evicted in the fourth week, Rakhi  re-entered the house, bringing gifts for the other housemates that were presumably from their families. This stirred up controversy among contestants, with some finding it difficult to believe her story.

Bigg Boss Season 2 

3. Raja Chaudhary and Sambhavna Seth: love, intimacy and fight

Both had an ugly relationship in the Bigg Boss. They often abused each other before getting really intimate. They were even caught kissing during the show.


4. Another chapter of fake romance: Rahul Mahajan and Payal Rastogi

Rahul tried flirting with Monica Bedi who seemed adamant to not fall for him and then made Payal Rastogi his next target.

Later, Payal alleged that she was in a relationship with Rahul Mahajan while they were doing Bigg Boss. She also revealed that Rahul hit her twice during the show.


Bigg Boss Season 3

5. KRK gets thrown out of the house because of his violent behavior

He had a verbal spat with Rohit Verma and during the fight, he became physical and threw a bottle at him, which mistakenly hit Shamita Shetty and therefore he was asked to leave the house that very night.biggboss-tamasha1_1442662991

Bigg Boss Season 4

6. Dolly Bindra = Rakhi Sawant x 2 + KRK + Rahul Mahajan + lots of attitude

Dolly Bindra was termed as one of the loudest contestants inside the house because of her tough voice and dominating nature

She accused Shweta Tiwari of giving sexual favors for Rs 75,000 and threatened to disclose the names of the fathers of her children. She took her controversial image to the next level by blaming Ashmit Patel for filming a controversial sex MMS with the Indian actress Riya Sen.


7. Sara Khan and Ali Merchant

It was rumored that Sara Khan and Ali Merchant were paid Rs 50 lakh to get married on Bigg Boss 4.

Many contestants believed that the Sara-Ali marriage was a complete farce and it was a mere publicity stunt to get the TRPs rolling.


8. Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel heated romance

With a lot of hugging, kissing and massaging each other inside the Bigg Boss house, the pair gathered fame for all the wrong reasons.

An ex-contestant in Bigg Boss house also reported that the two had sex inside the house. To which Ashmit Patel replied, “No, it didn’t happen. I would have wanted something like that to happen, but I didn’t have the inclination”. Sounds steamy!


Bigg Boss Season 5

9. Fight between Akashdeep and Mahek Chahal was the highlight of the season

Mahek was over-confident because of Salman’s hand over her; it seemed like no one could touch her on the show and her journey to the finals would be a cake walk. But Akashdeep AKA ‘Sky’ threatened her that he would reveal her past on national TV.

By the end of the episode, she seemed to be in no mood to forgive Akashdeep.


Bigg Boss Season 6

10. Iman Siddiqui – the male version of Rakhi Sawant

The most outrageous statement he made was that Salman owed him money. Also, he removed his clothes after a midnight fight with another participant.


11. Sapna Bhavnani’s scandalous remarks about Salman Khan

The hair stylist kicked up quite the storm when she accused Salman Khan of being a ‘serial woman-beater’.



Bigg Boss Season 7

12. Salman Khan’s biased behavior

Sallu bhai was seen favoring Tanisha instead of Kushal Tandon despite her unarguably violent behavior. He mocked Kushal for disrespecting Tanisha as a woman and supported all of Tanisha’s wrongdoings.



13. Kushal Tandon’s exit from the house

Andy passed obscene comments on Gauahar Khan’s lingerie which inflamed Kushal and he held Andy by his neck. The next day, he was thrown out of Bigg Boss for his unacceptable behavior.


14. Sofia and Armaan Kohli tiff

Matters went out of hand when Sofia accidentally got hit by Armaan during the argument. After she was voted out, she filed a police complaint against Armaan for assaulting her.


Bigg Boss Season 8

15. Diandra’s preganancy rumors

Her alleged love affair with Gautham kept viewers glued to the television screens but the biggest shock came when the news of Diandra being pregnant with Gautam’s kid made it to the headlines.


16. Another Big Boss escape story

Ali Quli Mirza climbed up the rooftop to escape the house where he was slapped by Sonali Raut for passing inappropriate remarks.


17. Aarya–Minissha link-up

Aarya Babbar’s confessed that Minissha was his girlfriend in the past but Minnisha chose not to comment on this allegation while other contestants were shock to hear the bitter truth.