This Boy Got 100/100 In His Economics Paper! He Used THIS Simple Trick!!

Last year, you must have read about a Class 12 student from Ahmedabad who managed to secure 100 out of 100 marks in Economics while failing in all other subjects.

So, how did this student named Harshad do this? Was it a counting mistake or is Harshad indeed a genius. Or, is it that Harshad simply cheated his way to glory?

Well, we will tell you the real reason now. Harshad used a very simple Trick to get 100 out of 100 marks. And, he tried this trick not just in Economics but also in the subject of Geography.

But, to his bad luck, the Geography teacher easily made out the trick. The simple trick used by the student was to use red marker to already give him full marks for all questions. Harshad used the red pen not on the main page by on supplementary page.

Harshad’s trick was also caught by the software used for marking which made sure that Harshad was easily caught by the shoftware. Harshad has finally been failed in all subjects.

It is also possible that Harshad may be debarred from giving any examinations in the future. Let this student face the consequences. We urge every student to stop cheating and never use a red market to inflate your marks.

You may end up being caught like Harshad and be barred from writing any exams in the future. Also, marks are not as important as the real knowledge you have. Consider these facts before you every try to cheat.