10 Worst Wedding Ideas Failed Badly

A wedding is the most important day in every couple’s life. It takes months of preparations and lot of planning to pull off such a big event. This day gives a chance for all the friends and relatives to meet and have fun. It is a joyous event which is meant to be celebrated with enthusiasm.

Every couple desires to have a very grand and lavish wedding. For this, they try to come up with unique and interesting ideas to make the day memorable. However, things don’t always work as they are planned. If they get even slightly of the mark, they can ruin the big day. Here we have garnered the worst wedding ideas pics.

The bride took her obsession of cakes to some another level

Stop! Its a trap

Honey help me!!!

When you are a foodie, you decide to get married at Mc Donalds

Who invited this panda to my wedding?

When the theme of your wedding is underpants

Lol! The dress

Wedding photoshoot on tractor

Worst wedding pic

Halloween theme wedding party

By looking at these pics, it seems like what could have been a brilliant wedding turned into a disaster. We hope the wedding won’t similarly end up like this.