10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World, No. 1 Costs More Than 10 Crores

Some wise man once said, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” And it was indeed so wise of him to say that. As I am a dog lover, you may find my opinions one-sided. But I need to admit- Anybody in this world can betray you but never Dogs.

All they know is to love their owner more than anything in this world, they can go to any length to prove their love and they are always by your side no matter what happens. Your canine friends never judge you, and all they will ever do is to leave you in tears when they finally leave this world.

I have so much say, but I think that I should stop here. Well, with so much patience, love, trust, and care they shower us with they indeed deserve a very good treatment from us. And the dogs which we are now going to present to you are already justifying it. They worth millions and common folks like us can only imagine of having them.

Down here are 15 most expensive dog breeds in the world-

1. Tibetan Mastiff

This dog breed is the most expensive of all. Its total worth is in millions. Recently, a real estate developer from China purchased it for a whopping $1.9 million. The average puppy’s worth is estimated to be between $ 7,000 – $ 1.9 million (only purebred ). Now that’s something!

2. Lowchen

It is one of the rarest breeds in the world. It is so rare that the dog breed counts every year reach only in hundreds. This canine breed is known as the Little Lion because of its appearance. Average puppy prize can go up to $7,000.

3. Canadian Eskimo dog

This dog breed is the oldest in North America. They make up to excellent guard dogs. Their total worth is estimated to be $6,000.

4. Rottweiler

If not trained as a puppy, they can become extremely hard to handle. This canine pupper is very aggressive. The average price for a rottweiler puppy can go up to $5,500.

5. Chinese crested hairless

It is one of the most exotic breeds around and the prize for this canine buddy is $5,000.

6. Pharaoh Hound

Their ancestry can be traced back to Tesem. These used to be one of the hunting dog breeds in ancient Egypt.The price for Pharaoh Hound is $4,000.

7. Dogo Argentino

They can live for 13 years and are extremely expensive for common people like us to afford. They can easily cost you a whopping $3,900.

8.  Portuguese Water Dog

It may sound weird to you and don’t be so literal when it comes to this breed’s name. This canine buddy can cost you $2,500.

9. French bulldog

The dog is not known to be very friendly with children. The life expectancy for a french bulldog can be 10 years. The dog’s worth is $2,050.

10. Norfolk Terrier

They can live up to 14 years and can get very moody at times. The puppy is worth $2,000.

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