You Have Been Drinking Water The Wrong Way All Your Life

Water is extremely important for us to stay alive. This is an obvious fact. About 70% of our body contains water. This is another. We all know and hear it many times that a person should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day to stay healthy. Another fact to add.

never drink water


But it is such a fascinating thing that most of us don’t know how to drink water properly. It may sound weird. But yes! It is true… There is a proper posture to maintain while one is drinking water. Many of us drink water in a standing position. However, it is an absolutely wrong body posture and it could affect your health very much.

never drink water


It is not some old wives tale when your elders ask you to sit down and then gulp down water. There is a strong scientific reason behind this fact. Experts have uncovered some unknown truths behind it and the results are amazing.

It significantly harms your health. Here are some of the reasons why you should never drink water while you are standing up.

1. It can cause arthritis

This may come as a great shock to you if you have a habit of drinking water while standing up. It could lead to arthritis later in life. It could disrupt the balance of fluids in the body, leading to a greater accumulation of fluids in the joints thus triggering arthritis.

never drink water


2. Water splashes on te stomach wall

When you drink water in a standing posture, you let the water flow to your gut, thus splashing it on the stomach wall. It could cause a long-term damage to the digestive system as it harms the stomach wall and the gastrointestinal tract.

never drink water


3. You remain thirsty even after drinking plenty of water

No matter how much water you drink, your thirst will not quench if you drink water while standing up.

4. It could also lead to indigestion

Unlike in a stand-up posture, the body is more relaxed in a sitting position and could more easily digest the fluid and with it other food items.

5. Your kidney doesn’t filter water properly while in a standing position

Never drink water in a standing posture as impurities remain in the kidneys and bladder which can lead to urinary tract disorder. And sometimes it could also cause permanent kidney failure.


1. Drinking water just before or after meals – This is so harmful that it has been compared to poison in Ayurveda. It has a scientific reason to it.

2. Not drinking the water sip by sip. – Drinking water in one go is harmful. Now explanation to this is very interesting. Gulping water can cause Hernia, Appendicitis and in the long run Prostate cancer.

3. Not drinking water as the first thing in the morning – You might have heard that drinking water in the morning increases metabolism. This is mainly because of two reasons.

4. Drinking chilled water – I know we all love chilled water. It quenches our thirst. But unfortunately, chilled water is not good for our body. Chilled water can increase your weight. Find out the logical reason behind it.

5. Drinking water while standing – This can cause deadly diseases like gerd.

6. Not drinking enough water – How much water should you been drinking everyday and why? All explained.

So have you not been drinking water the wrong way all your life? Try applying these tips and you will surely find a tremendous improvement in your health. So I hope this will really help you.