You Cry Just In 5 Sec After Watching This. Still I Can’t Stop Crying, I Bet You Too Miss Those Days

Childhood is the best part of our lives when we didn’t have any stress and everyday was a fun day with friends and family. And 90s children have had the best days.

Do you remember the games that we used to play – Mario, Contra and Dangerous Dave? How can you forget the thrill we used to get whenever we saved the princess from the dragon.

There are countless such other things that only a 90s kid will be able to remember and relive.

Watch this video and let all those memories come alive – 

If you grew up in your nineties, we are sure that you would be crying right now and remembering your friends.

Why don’t you just pick up your phone and call those friends right away. There is no better time then reliving those moments than “Right Now”.

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