VIDEO: You Can’t Miss Watching Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev Riding A Sports Bike Like A Pro

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev needs no introduction. He is such an eminent personality that the mere mention of the word Yoga makes you imagine a person wearing a saffron colored dhoti. Baba Ramdev has made Yoga popular all over the world.

He is a teacher to millions of people all around the world. Not only in India he is famous all over the world.  However, if you think he is only good in Yoga, then you are wrong.

He is a multi-talented personality. Be it playing Football or beating an Olympics champion in wrestling he has shown the world his bunch of talents. Few Days back a video of Baba Ramdev has gone viral in which he defeated the Olympic silver medalist Andriy Stadnik.

Now again his another video has surfaced the Internet. A video of Baba Ramdev riding a sports bike has gone viral. In 24 hours more than 60,000 people have seen the video.

Ramdev Baba has a huge fan following and his fans were surprised to see how brilliantly he rode the bike. It didn’t look like it’s the first time he was riding a sports bike.

Watch the video here

After watching this video the comment section was filled with his follower’s comments. People couldn’t believe that he was riding the sports bike like a pro. However, there are few people who are questioning the traffic police as to why they didn’t cut fine against him as he wasn’t wearing any helmet.

Some people started taking jibe on him. They speculated that Baba ji might be coming with Patanjali Eco-friendly bike which doesn’t pollute the environment. When he reached the destination, people were already waiting for him eagerly.

After watching the video you will also agree that he is actually having the time of his life.

Image source: YouTube