Checkout The World’s Most & Least Livable Cities Of 2017

Several factors are to be considered while finding out which city is the most livable cities and which is the least. Factors like healthcare, infrastructure, food, education, and environment play a vital role in the determination. To our surprise, this year again, Melbourne is on the top although Auckland and Toronto beat it for culture.

Melbourne has topped the Economist’s Intelligence Unit’s ranking of the most livable cities in the world

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The Victorian capital has taken the top spot for the 7th year in a row. It’s score in healthcare, education, and infrastructure is a perfect 100while in culture & environment and stability, the city scored 95.1 and 95, respectively.

This is what the Melbourne’s owner, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle had to say about the results:

“We do not take this title for granted, (We will) work constantly to ensure we are protecting and enhancing our liveability for future generations. I want to thank the people of Melbourne, the institutions of Melbourne, it’s an act where we all come together.”

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“We will use that as part of our branding — never underestimate the importance of marketing that, particularly into our Asian market, into Asia and how important it is.”

He further said:

“That doesn’t mean we are a perfect city by any means … I would hope that a city like ours would keep a focus on those who are most vulnerable, those who are worried about housing affordability, young people trying to get into education or a job, those who are vulnerable and homeless.

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Austrian capital Vienna took the second spot with a score of 97.4 while Canada’s Vancouver received a rating of 97.3. Both cities retained the places from 2016 poll.

Iceland’s Reykjavik showed a great improvement by moving 13 places up from 50 to 37 with a rating of 89.9. The notable jump is because of the rise in tourism and the city’s redevelopment.

The ranking of Manchester and Stockholm have fallen as a result of high-profile terrorist attacks

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Tripoli, Libya, Damascus, Lagos, Nigeria all have topped the list of world’s least livable cities.

The sad news is for Sydney which crashed out of the global top 10 this year. Its spot has now been overtaken by two smaller Australian cities, Adelaide and Perth.