Women Bought Second Hand Fridge Finds Pieces Of Dead Body


California City Goldsboro a woman bought a second hand freeze. Buy it several days later, when he opened the freeze was hooked. Looking for him in front of a horror movie scene was nothing short of scary scenes. Was there anything in the freezer scene before he was extremely scared. The body pieces were kept in the freezer.

CBS North Carolina girl in the apartment on Tuesday brought in cameras so that they can see where he had three weeks before opening the freezer. After which he had to face such a terrible experience.

Woman says that he bought from his neighbor freezer. Police have confirmed receiving pieces of human bodies. These Goldsboro was recovered from the 1723-Cc Holly Street apartment. The woman suspects that the body parts belong to the neighboring old mother.

Said the woman, her mother $ 30 in Warf sold frozen, they can do that? Said neighbor girl’s mother was with him for several days, but he vanished from September. However, selling freezers woman says that is her mother in a nursing home. Police is investigating the case.