Because Of This Reason Woman Throws Acid On Ex-Lover & KILLED Him, Dangerous Revenge!

Love can be the purest as well as the most dangerous thing that can happen to a person. Well, until now we have heard about cases where a guy throws acid on girl just because she didn’t like him. But here is a whole new one. You might not know but girls can be as well mad as a guy in love. Don’t believe us? Here’s the case!

Out of anger, she threw acid on her ex-lover Ilyas’ face because he tied the knot with another girl.


This story is about a girl named Hima Bindu from Guntur district who took revenge from her ex-lover after he married another girl. Ilyas suffered several burns due to acid and was immediately admitted to Guntur Government General Hospital. The acid attack was so much powerful that unfortunately, he died the very same day.

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With love, comes the feeling of trust and possessiveness. It hurts when your partner is not at all possessive about you at all. But it hurts, even more, when he/she is OVER possessive. Imagine, you are in a relationship and it doesn’t work out. Ultimately, the feeling of revenge will take place which will destroy everyone’s lives.

Hima was studying pharmacy at a private college where she met Ilyas. They got into a relationship and stayed together for 4 years until one day when Ilyas married another girl. This made Hima furious and she decided to take revenge. She called up Ilyas and asked him to meet her so as to settle the matter and take back her photographs.

acid source

Kakani police are currently investigating the case and two special teams have been formed to nab her. There are reports that Hima Bindu and 3 other men who helped her have been arrested by the police. Ilyas parents have no clue about the duo’s affair. They came to know about it only a day before Ilyas’s marriage when Hima approached his elder brother Allabakshu.


He said, “I begged her to spare Ilyas as we never knew about it. She promised me that she would not disturb the wedding. Accordingly, there was no call or any other attempt to create any disturbance in the function on Monday. But, she took her revenge the very next day, rendering the new bride a widow.”