Did This Woman Hit PM Modi With A Chappal – Know The Real Truth here!

You might have received a forward on Whatsapp or might have seen a story on your Facebook Feed stating that a Woman has thrown a shoe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi during one of the rallies. In fact, if you search on Google, you would come across a number of news items corroborating the fact and mentioning the date as 28th April.

The reports further state that the Shoe missed the Prime Minister, but hurling a shoe on country’s prime minister is, in itself, a major news. It also reveals the inappropriateness of the security measures taken by our Security personnel.

We, however, need to dig this news deeper and get to the bottom of this whole matter before taking it as an authentic news.


As per the rumors, one woman had asked a question of the Prime Minister and when she did not receive a response to the same; she decided to take this evasive action. But, if you click on any of the social media reports, the news has not been covered properly and the basic tenets of journalism have been clearly violated.

Some basic information about the incident such as the place and time of the meeting and the name of the woman are all missing from the reports. The only detail which has been revealed is that the whole incident took place on 28th of April.

In case, something like this had happened, then the woman would have become a national celebrity and would be appearing on all media channels. But nothing like this has happened.  So, What is the truth of the whole matter. What is the origin of this Video?

The video footage which has been used along with this news belongs to “ABP Asmita” and it was recorded on 8th March on the occasion of International Women Day. The program was held in Gandhinagar and PM had presented awards to Mahila Sarpanchs on that day. The alleged Shoe throwing news has been tagged with that video to provide it more veracity.

During the program, one lady – Shalini – had tried to come closer to stage while shouting anti-establishment slogans. When this news was covered the next day, there was nothing mentioned regarding any Shoe throwing episode. However, some miscreants have now tried to use this authentic video to spread this gross rumor.

We, hereby, clearly declare that the news is BASELESS and FALSE!! You should also try and do some research before agreeing to these kind of rumors. At least, we should not forward any news to our friends and family without authenticating it properly!!

Have a look at this video to see for yourself

Source: TheLallantop.com