Here Is Why Sunil Grover Is Not Ready To Forgive Kapil Sharma..

In spite of the fact that Kapil Sharma openly apologized to Sunil Grover, after he struck him on a flight, Sunil, who has stopped The Kapil Sharma Show, is in no state of mind to excuse him it appears.

Sources near Sunil guarantee that Sharma’s conciliatory sentiment came two days after the episode and appeared to be more similar to an ‘aftereffect of open weight’. Kapil had even unfollowed Sunil on Twitter post the occurrence so his statement of regret was all the more an ascertained move to spare his picture. Sunil is exceptionally harmed with the episode and is in no state of mind to come back to TKSS.

In the interim, we hear that Sony, which pretense Kapil’s show as well, is in converses with Sunil for a different show and a few gatherings in regards to the same have happened. Sunil, however, is taking as much time as necessary as he is getting offers from different channels as well.


Kapil Sharma must be regretting after getting into the fight with Sunil Grover. Because of this Kapil lost his image, he had made so far. His show is losing massive TRP. Even after Kapil’s apology to Sunil Grover, Sunil didn’t come back on the show. Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar also left the show, along with Sunil. According to the sources, his ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes who was also the ex-creative director of TKSS is going to launch a new show with Sunil Grover, which will also have Sugandha Mishra, Ali Asgar, and Chandan Prabhakar.

If everything goes fine, Preeti’s show will run parallel to TKSS which will create competition between both of them. The concept of their new show may differ from Kapil’s show. Sony TV won’t let go off Sunil so easily, as he is under contract with them. It is said that the show will go on air by June. Meanwhile, they both will have a tough competition.


Kapil is having a really bad time, as one more controversy happened on his show. Armaan Malik recently stormed out of the show. Amaal and his brother Armaan have composed music for Sonakshi Sinha’s upcoming film noor. They were invited to The Kapil Sharma Show for the promotion of their film. When the shoot began, Armaan was asked to sit with the audience, he got pissed and stormed out of the sets.