Why Suddenly This Girls’s Matrimonial Ad Gone Viral?

Did you notice this matrimonial ad published in Indian Express on 30th August, 2015?

“Beautiful, 26, Noida, earning in 6 figure, Working at PB-BKRB, Looking for ideal match, Broadminded pls call:”

At the end of the ad, the girl gave her number as well. No issues if you miss the ad, she was not going to marry you or your brother anyways, LOL. Actually it was a prank ad.

The name of the girl is Archana and she played this prank to know what type of responses she receives. She made a video of the calls received in that context.

Some of the callers were very good, but some of them either didn’t notice the word ‘broadminded’ mentioned in the ad or they didn’t really know its meaning.

Some people were concerned about her cooking skills, some wanted her to leave her job after marriage. And some even told her she won’t be allowed to receive calls from her male friends. She received calls for 10 days and selected the best ones for the video. Here’s what she recorded:-

Click here to watch on youtube

Can you believe it’s happening in modern India? A girl who earns in six figures is asked to leave her job and avoid calls from male friends after marriage.