Why Our National Gold Medalist Athlete Is Forced To Glean Garbage

At the present time our country has to respect the players, and to sir, why not! Players who play for the country of his work and how much sweat, so that they find it difficult to know the medals. At times, has also led to some instances which indicate that these great players and still not being able to find a safe environment.


Round of mental tragedy :-

Kanpur is one such story of Kamal Kumar Valmiki. The former athlete of the State level, but today they can be seen taking rubbish. What a tragedy it is mental for a player he can know it.


Today medals are silent

Earlier, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Kumar Kamal Kumar’s work in his speeches has extolled Flsfon. Kamal Kumar pride themselves are showing their medals. During the Uttar Pradesh Boxing Championships bronze medal and gold medal has been blessed with.


Compunction on the fact that a player how his family compulsions forced to become wage. If the UP government keeps Staipend If they do not take action. If the media reaches the point when the public would probably Kamal Kumar players. We do not know whose fault, but the result is suffering as a player.

Source: mensxp