14 Times Whatsapp Conversations Went Hilariously Wrong

Whatsapp is a great app which provides us an easy way to communicate with our friends and family. It is cost-free, doesn’t consume time, and you can contact several people at a time.

Moreover, apart from sending texts, we can send pictures, videos, audios, documents etc to others in seconds. With so many amazing features and updates, Whatsapp always keeps us expecting more and more from it.

A lot of people use Whatsapp. Some smart phones even come with already installed Whatsapp messenger. With so many people chatting with their acquaintances on the app, we manage to get you some very interesting chats. Here are 14 times when people really fucked up in a conversation while conversing with others.

See the screenshots of these Whatsapp conversations below-

1. Meri chappal ka size dekha hai?

2. I have a boyfriend…

3. Would you like to **** tomorrow….

4. Heyy I need your help in picking a gift for my little sister

5. Great lines by K.V Ramachandra

6. Bhai tere ache future ke liye maine shayari likhi hai…

7. Uh! You can at least start with a hello!

8. Send me the pic of your….

9. Iphone 6 or Iphone 7? …..

10. Dude! Test results came!

11. I really miss you. Please come back, I will never leave you….

12. What you doing?….

13. Bhai to bada ********* hai….

14. If you love your Mom pass this to 20 people…

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