These Latest WhatsApp Chats Will End You Day With A Laughter Dose!

WhatsApp is one of the most popular app these days. WhatsApp has a total download of billions in the world. WhatsApp is available on Android as well as Apple store.

WhatsApp is used by professionals these days all over the world. WhatsApp has competitive apps like Telegram these days which are equally useful. But, some people use WhatsApp has been used by some people to share purely nonsense all over the internet.

WhatsApp has reached peak popularity because of such stupid messages. Share this article on your Facebook if you found it funny.

1. New girlfriend.

2. Girlfriend ki mummy.

3. Ladki ki galiya..

4. Shakki bandi..

5. Baby se milna hai..

6. Gareeb boyfriend.

7. LOL

8. Sapne.

9. Humor at its best. Best reply.

10. Sidhe aur anzaan log.

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