What The Size Of The Ring Finger Says About Your Personality

Our body parts tell a lot about our personality which we tend to miss because of either ignorance or lack of knowledge. Whatever the reasons be, we should know for a fact that every body part of ours is connected to other and defines us completely.

A reflection of our personality also comes from the way our ring finger and little finger are assigned along each other. Their positioning defines the emotion’s variation and expendability as well as the performa of a person.

So, here are the three assigned positions which tell a lot about a a person.


1. When the little finger reaches the first part of ring finger.

You are not much confident about yourself when it comes to socializing but are in possession of very decent socializing skills. A little boost will bring you to the top of the communication skills list.


2. When the little finger crosses the first part of the ring finger.

You are a very good extrovert in personality but the only thing that goes wrong sometimes is that people misinterpret you for the real part of yours with something they imagine about you.

3. When the little finger is below the first part of ring finger.

You are a complete introvert and socializing is not your forte. You rather enjoy the lone time than to stay with someone else. You are likely to observe things more than experience them.