What Happens When A Woman Pees In Public- A Social Experiment In India

We’ve seen many men peeing roadside but a women doing that would be a big nuisance. Isn’t it?

Usually we don’t give any reactions when we see men peeing in public, as it’s something we’ve grown up watching. But doesn’t it take away our right to scold a girl for the same?

Here’s a video shot by Nisheeth TV in which there’s a woman peeing on a wall in a street. The expressions of the men around are quite enough to understand they are looking at it as something very strange. But why the same men don’t find it awkward to pee in the public?

The video was not made to encourage women to pee in public like men, but to make men realize how awkward women feel when they see a man doing it.

May be this kind of videos compel men to think about it and make them prevent it from happening down the line.

Now check out the video:-

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