Welcome ISRO’s #MakeInIndia Navigation System, Bye-Bye GPS. Proud Moment

There are plenty of reasons to be proud for being an Indian, but another feather has been added to the list. The popular Make In India, that was launched by PM Narendra Modi has just seen a new light with the project of ISRO for navigation system successfully made.

Coming Thursday, ISRO will present their ambitious project in a meeting to be held in Bangalore. They will showcase their Indian Regional Navigation Satellite

System and discuss in length about the prospect with navigation device manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers and global information system (GIS) technology developers. The advantages of using the Indian Navigation system and how the IRNSS constellation satellites are deemed to be more accurate than the American GPS system will be demonstrated in the two-day in front of senior scientists from Space Application Centre (SAC) Ahmedabad.


There are Seven IRNSS constellation which will help in identifying the location, which is scheduled to be fully operational by July, 2016. All the seven satellites of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) are expected to be in orbit by March 2016, Indian Space Research Organisation said today.

The board of ISRO headed by Chairman Kiran Kumar said, “ISRO also aims to make signals available not only to India and surrounding countries but also to the entire globe.”


This initiative by ISRO is a step towards providing India with its own independent navigation, and this is surely a reason to be proud of.

Source IndiaTimes
Source RVCJ