Watching Adult Movies Online? This New Software By The Scientists Will Catch You

According to a research, porn sites have the maximum number of fake profiles. The study suggested that nearly quarter of the users who watch porns lie about their gender and 40% users lie about their age.


But now one can no longer use a fake profile on an adult content website. Scientists in London have developed a tool to detect fake profiles on the porn sites. Now people with fake profiles can easily be identified using this new software.


Sites with adult content are heavily targeted by catfishes. Catfish is a term used for someone who pretends to be someone else on the Internet. They create false profiles by entering false informance particularly to deceive others.


Fake profiles

Adult websites are populated by users who claim to be other than who they are, so these form perfect testing grounds for techniques that identify catfishes,” said Walid Magdy from the University of Edinburgh.


We hope that our development will lead to useful tools to flag dishonest users and keep social networks of all kinds safe,” Magdy added.

You”ll be surprised to know that studies suggest that women are more likely to deceive than men.


Researchers built models on information which was retrieved from 5000 verified users. The comments and searches made by these verified users were scanned. And the data was used to train the models to estimate the gender and age of the users.


Models trained to determine age and gender

The models are trained to accurately determine the age and gender of the user by the manner of writing the comments. Now the models can estimate age of unverified accounts and gender of a user using their network activity.
The study that was carried out on the site will be presented at the International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining in Australia.