Watch How A Girl Refuses A Guy For Date And Changes Her Mind After She Sees His Lamborghini Car

No one in the world could understand a girl, while many says that Girls are gold diggers but at the same time some are not. A YouTuber Cody Roeder played a prank on the street on America.

He walks up to a sober average looking American girl and asks for her number. At first the girl refuses the guy while he insists for it. But later when he gave up and decided to drive back in his Lamborghini Gallardo Spider. Just when he was about to leave the girl regrets her decision and suddenly tries to seize the opportunity to date a guy with Lamborghini Gallardo Spider. What happens next will reflect what should be done with these gold digger girls.

Here Is The Video

You can watch the video directly on YouTube by clicking here.

Although, this was just a prank. But it was enough to reveal the identity of these gold digger girls.

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