We Are Eagerly Waiting For JIO To Launch These Products

Jio took the charge of the entire telecom industry ever since it was introduced. First, the Jio smartphones, then the wifi area and finally the 4G market, it doesn’t seem to be slowing time anytime soon. The one thing that people loved about their services is their focus on consumer needs. All of their services were introduced keeping in mind the needs of customers.

This is one of the many reasons why people subscribed to their services. And it soon became the most consumer-friendly brand in no time.

Now everyone is expecting the company to launch more consumer-friendly products that we can use daily. These products will surely change the purchasing patterns of customers.

The Reliance company is now expected to launch some new low-cost telecom services into the market right away!

1. Jio Soap – kills 101% of germs

This soap will cut down so many costs. People won’t have to spend on any bathing gel or soap anymore because Jio soap is there. It will also kill 101% of the gems not 99!


2. Jio jeans – it never fades away

No matter how many times you wash it, it will still look as new as it looked the first time. But no company can guarantee such product, no? So guys, if the company considers our idea, won’t it be amazing to have such a jeans in the closet that never fades away?


3. Jio Beer – good for even those who don’t drink

Drinking game is not made for everyone because no one can afford to drink a branded beer. And if the company launches a beer in its name, even those who excuse to be a non-drinker will start drinking!


4. Jio chips – finally some potato chips with more chips and less air

We have always been fed up of Lay’s for providing chips packets will less chips and more air. But we will have a savior if the company considers our idea and plans on launching this product.


5. Jio flight services – will help you fly at the prices of local trains

Ever since the extended free internet services were provided by Jio, people were waiting for it to come up with some new idea. And now we have some good ones for the company if their want to increase their share in the market. The idea of providing flight services at such cheaper rates is amazing! Don’t you think?


Hope Jio soon launches these five hilarious products. They will surely fire up the market and the sales will be up from the beginning itself.