Virat Kohli Drinks Water Which Is Imported From France. You”ll Be Shocked To Know The Price

Virat Kohli, Captain of the Indian Cricket team needs no introduction. He is known for his powerful strikes on the pitch. With his hard work and dedication to the sport, he has reached the zenith of his career. Today, he is an inspiration of many youths who want to pick cricket as their career.

Virat Kohli

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Particular about water

For a sportsperson, it’s crucial to keep themselves fit. When it comes to his health, Virat is very strict about his diets and daily routine. He is very particular even about the water also. The cricketer is biased towards the Evian brand water. This water is imported from France and costs Rs 600 per liter.

The specialty of this water is that it is filled from a natural spring that is located in a rural area. The bottle comes in different sizes with different sizes.The cheapest bottle available in India is for Rs 240. Wherever he goes, he tries to take his Evian bottle with himself especially when he knows that the bottle might not be available at that pace.


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Benefits of drinking this water

Scientists say that this water is beneficial in reducing stress, maintaining proper weight and keeping skin healthy.

Only renowned designers from across the world designs this bottle. Moreover, the production of this water bottle is very limited.


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A propagator of health food

Restaurant food doesn’t woo this cricketer. He prefers home cooked food over any restaurant’s food. However, due to his hectic schedule and international tour he has to adjust sometimes. Many times he speaks out about the ill effects of junk food. He asks people to avoid KFC and other junk food chains. The cricketer totally avoids fried chicken and asks people to do the same.

He prefers to eat lamb chops or pink salmons as protein rich diet is good for his gym routine. While he is a kind of person who is very strict about his diet, but chocolates are his weaknesses.