Vijay Mallya Roasted On Twitter After His Appearance At The India-Pak Match

An ostentatious businessman, an ambitious politician and ex-chairman of the largest spirits company in India, United Spirits Ltd., Vijay Mallya is an Indian business icon. However, things did not end up well for him after he was accused of defaulting on loans of more than Rs 9,000 crores from several banks.

vijay mallya

Although the 17-bank consortium strived not to let him fled the country, he still managed to escape detention. Vijay Mallya fled to London where he was spotted leading quite an extravagant life. Soon after news of his arrest in London made headlines. But that too did not go well and he was granted bail within 3 hours.

The 61-year old business tycoon is wanted in India for loan fraud and also facing charges of money-laundering. But that does not deter him from flaunting his posh lifestyle at the cost of the ceaseless miseries of millions of Indians.

Now he is having the time of his life. He recently went to see the India-Pakistan match in Edgbaston, London. While he was enjoying the match, Twitter couldn’t hold it for long and took a dig at the most fraudulent business tycoon of the year.

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Vijay Mallya roasted by many Twitterati. Here are some of the tweets.

The Twitter users did take it seriously, mocking him for his shameless deeds.

Vijay Mallya soon defended his presence at the match with this tweet.

He had the audacity of coming out in public and defending himself when he knew perfectly well what he had done. And here’s the expected reaction of various Twitter users.

They showered their wrath upon this disgusting person.

This guy has the best solution.

Dr. Gill reminding Mr. Mallya of his ownership duties

Here’s some more-

All the players of Indian cricket team ignored him at a charity dinner organized by Virat Kohli’s foundation. They left the place early to avoid any controversy.

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