This Video Teaches Us Why It’s Important To Be Cautious And Attentive All The Time

Caution is a virtue that is required to be followed in every aspect of life. Since Independence India has been facing a lot of problems. While some problems have been solved to a great extent, others still prevail in the society. Crime against women is one such crime.

It is in the highest demand that people stay alert and know what to do if they suspect something fishy around them. Savdhaan India is a popular crime show that does this thing. It recreates real life situations to aware people of crimes happening in the society.

Moreover it provides solution to those problems. In this world where crimes are substantially increasing day by day, it is our duty to be cautious and attentive. No one can be around you all the time to protect you. So it’s utterly important that you stay alert all the time.

Recently Savdhaan India has released a video titled “Savdhaan India Anthem”. Showcasing few stories, this video is quite gripping. This video gave life to the popular saying “Prevention is better than cure” and the lyrics are enough to give you goosebumps.

The first story features a boy that is lost in a fair and a kidnapper is eying on him.

The second story features a garba function where a girl’s drink is spiked by few guys.

In the third story, an elderly couple’s servant is planning on stealing their money and ornaments in the midnight.

The fourth story features a girl who goes inside a changing room where a hidden camera is already installed.

And in the last one, a girl is stuck with few unknown guys in the metro trying to molest her.

However, in the last all of them smartly handled these situations. Here is a lesson in the end that we all should learn.

Watch this video here

This video is taking the internet by storm. Till now 47,81,477 people have watched it and the number is still increasing.

Image Source: YouTube