Video Of Drunk Delhi Cop In Metro Is Going Viral With A Shocking Ending

In India the reputation of police is always a matter of controversy. It has always maintained itself to stay in the news more for the negative ones rather than the positive deeds.As history has the commendable police officers who sacrificed their lives for protecting the citizen and the tourists during the Taj Hotel attack, there are still the ones who earn money through huge bribes.Even after this factor is neglected, there are several more which make us feel really shameful for our police service department.

The incapability and the hoax pride of the ones who wear khaki is an experience every citizen has faced once in a lifetime.

This video is about a police man travelling in Delhi metro wearing his uniform.As the video goes on you will notice something unusual with the behavior of the person.

And when you realise that he is drunk while wearing his uniform and even then travelling in a public transit, it becomes a shame not only to our country but also a question of doubt whether we are safe among these folk’s protection or not.

Watch the video and share to spread awareness to improve and include strict discipline in the ones who work for the police department.

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Comment your views about such police cop jinki wajh se sab police wale badnaam hai..