VIDEO: What This Groom Did In The Garland Ceremony Will Make You Go Aww

For every girl, her wedding is the most important day of her life. She has many expectations how it all should go. From her entry to her wedding theme she wants to choose everything best for the special day. A wedding happens only once and at that one time, no one wants to compromise with anything.

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All the eyes remain on the Bride. Sometimes bride even manage to overshadow the groom. Therefore nowadays girls are choosing unique ways of entering the wedding hall or going for totally different themes.

Finally, the date has been fixed. guests invited, theme planned, menu decided and the big day finally comes. Everything seems so perfect. Decorations check…Dress check….Everything going fine.


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Amidst in this perfect looking situation what if the stage where the garland ceremony is supposed to happen that disbalances. And that too when the bride is standing on it. Embarrassing. Right?

This was not just a mere story. It actually happened in a wedding ceremony. Everything was looking perfect. The bride enters the wedding hall and the groom is already on the stage waiting for her. She gets on the stage for the garland ceremony.


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Everything was going well until she was coming down from the stage. The stage disbalances and the bride fell down from it. She could have never ever imagined in her worst nightmares that in front of so many people when everyone’s eyes would be on her this could happen.


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It could end up being a very embarrassing situation for her. But what the groom did was totally unexpected. He didn’t let the situation get embarrassing for her.


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In fact, he turned it into a romantic scene of a Karan Johar film. People who saw this whole incidence couldn’t stop from cheering for the couple. The video of this couple is going viral all over the Internet.

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