VIDEO: Air Hostess Laughing WHILE Giving Safety Instructions Is So Cute!

Air hostesses are one of those flight crew members who ensure that our flight is safe and secure. Air hostesss are training with best hospitality skills so that the passengers feel comfortable. The task of an air hostess is very difficult because for them the safety of the passengers come first.

Their job starts even before we enter the flight. They make the flight ready for the travellers, greeting them with a smile, give safety instructions, serve us meals and more.

Such a difficult task requires appreciation and some light moments. Where for once the air hostess feels the centre of attraction.

A group of football fans on the Russian flight Aeroflot started distracting the air hostess. She was busy informing the passengers about the safety procedures. The football fans started hooting and cheering at the air hostess which made everybody giggle along with the airhostess.

The video has been uploaded on YouTube by GSKStarfighter and has garnered more than 15 lakhs views so far.

The video shows that whenever she was trying to instruct something about safety, the fans began to shout.
A Must Watch

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