This Unbelievable Creature Found Near The Graveyard – Eats Humans!

We humans come into this world and then live our life to die one day. Nobody knows our origin or our destination, so religion has been invented. Whatever cannot be explained by logic is attributed to God and his unlimited powers.

All good deeds happen in the world in the name of God, but still a lot of fellow humans don’t act in the name of God and get involved in sins.

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But God is watching everything and nothing can be hidden from him. It seems that there is one animal which has been thrown at humans by Devil. This animal feeds on human corpses after digging out the graves. Nobody knows the origin of this animal, but it has been seen across a number of graveyards across the world.

As per some latest reports, this animal has been seen near one of the graveyards in Hyderabad and the news has spread like wildfire. Everyone wants to get a glimpse of this devil sent animal.

Have a look at this video and see for yourself. This animal is a mixture of snake and wolf:

Now that you have seen this animal, I urge you to not involve in any kind of sins. You should abide by the rules of whatever religion you follow and pray to God that this animal is not sent for you after you are dead.

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In case, this animal is sent for you then it will take you out of the grave and then eat you with all its might. The problem is that you will not be able to resist.

slugs14Source: The Bloody Pit of Horror

The experience is like this – Your hands and legs are tied to a bed and then some one has thrown hundreds of rats on you, who are eating you while you are still alive. They are gorging on your intestines and you are still feeling all that pain!!

Hope this story makes you stop doing all those bad deeds that you have been planning 🙂