Two Puppies With A Cobra Fell Into A Deep Pit, But What Happened Was Incredible!

India’s Punjab state of the event for those who love animals, no less than a great story. Two Puppies in Punjab accidentally fallen into a pit, which was quite profound. After a while, the owner of Puppies realized that they are lost, so he started looking around. Suddenly he saw a pit before Puppies mother is loud-shouting, she came to him, and he looked into the pit, it was enough to shock.


Puppies in the pit consisted of a King Cobra, which were too intimidated Puppies! But that’s not the cobra you can not imagine. Puppies in any way harm the snake. He would rather go to a place like the pit stop was wet and swamp. After spending 48 hours in the pit puppies and snakes were pulled out. Puppies did not have any type of injury. And the snakes were left in the woods.

Source: brightside