Two Girls In Delhi Tried To Rape This Auto Driver

Two Girls In Delhi Tried To Rape This Auto Driver

two girls tried to rape this auto driver

Umesh Prasad, the 41 years old driver, Renu Lalwani who was one of the two ladies hired the auto in Saket on the afternoon of Wednesday.
She took the auto for Arjun Nagar which is nearly 7 Km away from there.

The lady called Umesh Prasad to her residence in Arjun Nagar and convinced that he will be paid for it. When he came, she offered him water to drink and all of a sudden,  she began to lock doors from inside. Then, she made an attempt him sexually for which Umesh disagreed and fighted against it.

Renu Lalwani “then offered him wine which he again refused to take. Frustrated, she forced herself on him, tore his clothes and kissed him while her roommate filmed the whole incident,” as stated by Jha.

Nearly an hour later, “when the two women went to the other room for a discussion, the driver jumped out of the first floor balcony and fractured his foot”, went for a police complain.

According to Police, Renu Lalwani has been detained and they are in search of the other Tanzanian lady who is recognized as Hitija.

Police officers found 4 driving license from Renu Lalwani which made clear that these ladies have make such incidents possible many times.

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Now, This incident has proofed mans are not safe too as like women. Anyone can do anything in the lust of full filling there demands.

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