Drama Company: Epitome Of Boredom? Twitter Users Reaction After Watching Krushna’s Show

After a long series of controversies, Krushna’s new show “The Drama Company” was finally on air. There were huge expectations from the show. However in the first episode only, it failed to impress the audience.

Drama Companysource

The show starring Sugandha Mishra, Ali Asgar and Krushna barely give people a good laugh. Apart from them, veteran Bollywood actor Mithun Chakraborty plays a crucial role in this show. Famous as Grand Master avatar in the dance reality show “Dance India Dance”, he is the celebrity judge of Drama company.


It is natural that people will make comparison of The Kapil Sharma Show and Drama Compay because of two major factors. First that it has most of the ex-team mates of Kapil Sharma. And Second Kapil’s arch rivalry Krushna is hosting this show.


Yesterday’s episode was set up in a form of drama where the iconic film “Mughal-e-Aazam was recreated. However, it failed to give audience a good laugh as this concept was not new. It has already been used many times before in other comedy shows.


The only good thing that happened to Drama Company was Sugandha Mishra. The funniest moment was when Krushna touched Sugandha’s head and removed the wig from her head. And oh no she was bald. Well that wasn’t expected. He kissed her bald head and puts the wig in a disorganized manner.


Apart from that, there was no freshness and jokes were stale. Disappointed with Krushna’s Drama Company, Twitter users trolled the show on Twitter. Here’s how the Twitterati reacted.

Drama Company not a comedy


Can’t watch it even once

Extend TKSS timings

Epitome of boredom Night

Bad start

Another disappointed Twitter user

The Kapil Sharma Show has set a very high standard for all the new comedy shows. May be that was the reason or due to the lack of fresh content and stale jokes, the show failed to impress the audience.