Twitter Wars! Yuvraj Singh Gave A Brilliant Reply To Sania Mirza On Her Doppleganger Joke

Nowadays Indian cricketers are very active on Twitter. Yuvraj Singh is known for his witty and hilarious tweets. He never misses any chance to troll his fellow cricketers. But this time Sania Mirza tried her hands on trolling by this cricketer instead.

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On Thursday, Yuvraj Singh completed his 300th ODI match. In the important semi final game Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma displyed an excellent batting. India won the match against Bangladesh.

Though Yuvraj didn’t get the chance to play,a surprise was waiting for the cricketer. He was surprised to see his look alike who was wearing the same jersey and had the same beard like him. Yuraj’s look alike caused a stir in the stadium.


Everyone including Yuvraj Singh was stunned to see him. Yuvraj pleasantly posed with his doppleganger. BCCI shared the pic of Yuvraj Singh with his doppelganger on Twitter.

Yuvraj Singh in no time replied to this pic. He wrote,”No chance” on BCCI’s tweet.

This pic has gone viral over the Internet. When the tennis sensation Sania Mirza came across it, she couldn’t resist from posting this pic. She also believes that Yuvraj’s doppelganger looks exactly like him.

Retweeting BCCI’s tweet, she wrote,”Same!!!!”.

But Yuvraj Singh is finding it hard to accept the fact that someone else can look like him.

On her tweet, he replied, “Eh’ No Mirchi”.

Yuvraj called Sania “Mirchi” which means chilly. What a brilliant reply, Yuvi! In no time this hilarious conversation has surfaced the internet. Till now, Yuvraj’s awesome reply has got 585 likes and 70 retweets.


Meanwhile, today in few hours, India is going to play against its arch rivalry Pakistan. Thousands of cricket enthusiasts will glue themselves to watch this much-awaited match between the two Asian cricket teams.