Twinkle Did A Blunder By Tweeting To Kattappa’s Son Thinking He Is Kattappa. His Reply Is Awesome

The whole nation is going gaga over SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali2: The Conclusion. The iconic movie has broken all the records possible. It has become the highest grossing film of the Bollywood.

Even after 2 weeks of its release the nation is high on its fever. People can’t stop appreciating Rajamouli’s excellent work. One of those people is actress turned columnist Twinkle Khanna.


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She just ended up watching the movie and couldn’t stop herself from sharing the insights. While everyone is coming forward to give their views, the actress’s views are quintessential funny. It wasn’t Prabhas but Katappa who fascinated her.


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Those who haven’t watched the film yet, let us tell you that Katappa is the faithful slave who eventually killed Mahendra Baahubali. Since last 2 years, people have been making speculations as to why he killed Baahubali. And the answer to this most discussed question was revealed in the Conclusion.


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However, the character which fascinated her the most became the reason of her embarrassment. Twinkle recently Twitted about her obsession to Katappa. However she ended up doing a blunder.


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Instead of tagging actor Sathyaraj who played the character of Katappa, she tagged his son. This wrong tag by the actress gave rise to new chit chats for many people. You”ll definitely enjoy reading the Tweets.

She wrote, “Saw Baahubali & I’ve been calling my daughter Kattappa much to her dad’s annoyance-Perhaps he would prefer her being called Rowdy instead. “

“All right perhaps I am a bit obsessed — but try it — say Kattappa 3 times and you won’t be able to stop – it’s like eating wafers – addictive.”

Sibi Sathyaraj  retweeted and thanked the actress

Considering him Katappa she wrote”Sir you were marvellous -we have seen part 1 and 2 in succession today -congratulations on the resounding sources.” 


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Then he clarified that he isn’t Katappa. In fact he is the son of the actor Sathyaraj who played the role of Katappa

He tweeted, “Mam I’m Kattappa’s son!Dad is really happy to see your tweet!He’s a big fan of Rajesh Khanna Ji!Our regards to your family.”