From Trump To Modi, World Leaders Use These Mobile Phones

World leaders like Donald Trump and Modi are known for their unique lifestyle. Be it Donald Trump’s car beast or Modi’s unique clothing style they always go for the best. So can they compromise when it comes to smartphones? Let’s see which smartphone do the world leaders use.

 Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen using iPhone 6 on several occasions. it is being said that it was gifted by Michelle Obama.

Donald Trump


President of America Donald Trump also use iPhone. The former president of US Barack Obama had a special liking for Blackberry. Despite objections from several authorities, he didn’t change his blackberry. But Donald Trump prefers to use iPhone.

Nawaz Sharif


When the whole world has moved on from Blackberry, Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif still uses Blackberry.

Vladimir Putin

The Russian president is said to have no phone. For his security concern, he doesn’t use a phone personally. Instead there is a specially designed automatic system which manages his phone.

Justin Trudeau


Canada’s president Justin uses his latest Blackberry priv for all his personal use.

Kim Jong Yun


In a national security meeting on Jan 2015, he was photographed with a HtC Butterfly phone.

Queen Elizabeth


The royal family of Britain including Prince William and Prince Harry use the latest iPhone. Queen Elizabeth has also been photographed with her Apply pad on several occasions.