This Is The True Price Of Neeta Ambani’s Phone. This Is Shocking!!

Mukesh Ambani has become the richest man in Asia after China’s Jack Ma. Mr. Ambani owns India’s biggest business conglomerate, Reliance Industries, and his wealth is way more than your imagination.

In 2016, he came up with jaw dropping Jio plans for the nation. Naturally, it became a great success and people across the country began humming the Jio tune. The magic of Reliance Jio was immense in the market which intimidated his competitors in the telecom market.

He lives a king-sized lifestyle and so does his family. He and his family often attract media attention with their luxurious lifestyle.

Neeta is the chairperson and notable founder of Reliance Foundation and a non-exclusive reporter in Reliance industries. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop her from making her own accomplishments.

Therefore, she was honored at the Metropolitan Museum in New York for her impressive work in philanthropy, education and promoting the arts.

Not only this, she has also become the first Indian woman to be a member of International Olympic Committee.

Lately, Mukesh Ambani’s wife was in the news for her new mobile phone. Neeta Ambani’s phone is indeed very expensive.

Internet was filled with the news articles claiming that they know everything relating to the new mobile, even its true price.

However, all these news articles are nothing but a hoax. All these claims are baseless.

Being a gadget lover, Neeta Ambani was in the news for her latest high-end mobile phone. It was said that she owns a Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond. 

According to the earlier reports, unlike other members of the Ambani household, who prefer Blackberry phones over any other mobile phone brands, she has an iPhone 6.

These reports also claimed that the cost of Neeta Ambani’s phone is a whopping $48.5 million, or approximately Rs.315 crore. It is indeed a very big amount for a mobile phone.

However, it was a clear fact that all these were rumors and her phone didn’t cost millions. Anuja Sharma, the General Manager of Reliance Jio, also confirmed that these are bogus media reports.