To Continue Her Illegal Relationship This Mother Killed Her Son

The mother is a term which the person first learns to speak. After all, there is the relationship of mother Holy And Baking that are compared to the ones above. The apartments at Pune in Maharashtra have tainted the word. Illicit relations become obstacles ahead of consciousness Behrmi beating his mother killed.
According to police, “Chaitanya’s parents were living apart after marriage, and the thread (Chaitanya’s mother) had illicit relations with her landlord, which was strewn with consciousness”

mother killed his son

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Said first thread in the bathroom had fallen, causing internal injuries later rigorously questioned him, he told me he was unconscious after his beating, after which he was taken to hospital consciousness. Building dwellers believed ‘when consciousness was kept locked in the bathroom, she was starved and 16 June, he had stopped going to school.
Chaitanya’s father, Tarun says, “I just want justice for my son. ‘

this boy killed by her mom

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